She’s Back!


I’m back! I know I fooled you all by continuing my weekly posts but, I was really off gallivanting; connecting with friends and family after a 2-year absence. It’s amazing how faces and places can change but, if you have a true connection with someone you can pick up right where you left off! I got to spend some quality time with some pretty special people who rejuvenated my spirit!

Travel, you either love it or hate it! Every time I get ready to travel I always feel a little nervous. It’s like you’re shaking up the routine a little and we all have a little apprehension about change. That whole realm of the unknown has left you pondering, “Is this going to be a good trip or bad trip? Will I feel rushed? What will I miss at home?…”. I find once the process has started there is no looking back and try to embrace whatever comes my way. In my case, it was almost missing a connecting flight!  :S

Once I’ve arrived at my destination, I ALWAYS feel a switch flip. I’m suddenly somewhere new and really want to be present. The people I get to interact with and spend time with deserve my undivided attention. I want to give it to them too because, this opportunity doesn’t come around every day. My phone is switched to silent or put away together. No Facebook or Twitter checks, just present with those present!

It’s hard when you don’t see someone for a while. You get caught up in your own routines and your respective places and life can get in the way of you catching up over Skype or the phone. I found that being able to spend face-time with some people really reinforced the strength of our friendship! I was reminded of why I consider myself soo lucky to be a part of their life! I guess that’s part of the reason goodbyes are always tough!

Saying farewell and returning back- what a bittersweet feeling! Mixed emotions between leaving wondering when you’ll be back, wishing that time could last much longer and excited to get back and sleep in your own bed! Great trip with many great memories! Thanks everyone!

Do any of you feel the same way when you travel??