One thing that establishes our uniqueness is our passions. I’m talking about what gets our hearts racing, ignites the fire in our bellies, and brings happiness. Our passions enrich our lives because they encourage growth. Now they themselves may change over time depending on our stages of enlightenment but, they are always vital.

It may not shock most of you who know me that, the environment has always been a passion of mine! It’s funny to look back and reflect on it throughout my life. I can remember feeling so concerned for the flyers and paper that went straight to the trash, week after week, that I made my family start recycling it. This escaladed to tin and plastic and now I’m a lean, mean, recycling machine!  Over time I have cultivated such a passion for conserving and preserving our land as an act of respect for Mother Earth and the future generations to inhabit this land. I advocate for clean eating; conscientious of what you’re putting in your body. I am also soo happy to live in a province that recognizes the value in waste management. We are lucky to have our own compost bins that are taken off our hands every second week! Basic examples I know but, a passion in my bones from a young age blossomed and will hopefully continue to grow to something even bigger and better! 

Trying to ignite your own passion? First, find out what inspires you. We are extremely sensory people who are energized by books, movies, magazines, and music! We encounter passion from these sources daily but, we can be overstimulated by our to-do lists and we miss out. Become present in your surroundings and open to what possibilities lie before your very eyes. Also, note that passion is contagious! If you surround yourself with other passionate people you cultivate an environment of support. Those around you have everything to do with your success and your belief of what’s possible. You’ll either rise up or sink down depending on who’s next to you. Remember, we all need encouragement!

So what are you passionate about?


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